In the coming years, you will have greater access to money, regardless of whether you continue your education to third level or enter the jobs market.

Either way, you will be faced with greater financial independence. This will be a new and exciting experience.

Before you get there, have you ever thought about how much money you would like to have?

Do you think that €100 or €1,000 a week is sufficient to get you by? Or perhaps an amount in-between?

Interest – What is interest? The programme will cover some important and interesting facts about how interest works (both for savings and loans) and hopes to change students understanding of interest.

CentSense can help you increase your money power with some important tips that the banks just won’t ever tell you.

CentSense will show you how you can use some simple techniques to increase your personal buying power.

If you are interested in how you can outsmart your local bank manager or the company selling you a credit card, then CentSense is right for you.

  • CentSense is completely independent.
  • CentSense will not pitch you any product or service.
  • CentSence is not or will not be sponsored.

The only thing that CentSense will pitch is common sense and smart tips to help you earn more and keep more of your money and bargain for a better deal.

Income & Expenditure Form (doc) 

Income & Expenditure Form (pdf)  


I learned a lot about how money really works. Gavin, 15. Dublin