Cents and Sensibility



Irish Adults have had to learn, very quickly, about finance in the last number of years. The country's, the bank's but most of all, their own - the hard way. 

But who is teaching our teenagers? They are the generation charged with paying off our massive debts, yet they are never given the basics in how money really works. Opening bank accounts, managing money or dealing with credit - it's all expected to just come to them. 

Well that's not good enough any more. Every child born today arrives into the world owing tens of thousands of Euro. Don't they deserve to know how money works?

Cents & Sensibility aims to do just that.  

Here is what the experts say about this book: 

Charlie Weston, Personal Finance Editor with the Irish Independent 
A very easy-to-read and invaluable guide to money for young people. Whether it is information on credit cards you are looking for or a simple explanation of how banking works, this should be your first port of call. 

Conor Pope - Consumer Affairs Correspondent, Irish Times 
A no-nonsense, easy-to-read book that will make managing your money easier.

Dan White - Finance Columnist, Evening Herald 
We are now paying a catastrophic price for our lack of even basic financial knowledge. We urgently need to teach the next generation the skills necessary to avoid repeating the same mistakes. This excellent book provides today's youngsters with the financial know-how they will need to dodge pitfalls into which their parents so disastrously stumbled.